June 14, 2014

The Lamboat – The guy who spent $1.3 Million dollars on a Lamborghini Boat(Pics/Video)

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Come along and take a ride as CNBC’s “The Secret Lives Of The Super Rich” goes inside and get’s a closer look and see what the LAMBOAT looks like up close and personal.

Gino Gargiulo is a huge Lamborghini hype and buys them like toy cars that can easily be purchased in a blink of an eye. Gino recently spent a quick $1.3 million dollars getting a boat designed just like his favorite ride, the Lamborghini. Check out the video for full details and see what it’s like up close and personal with the man Gino.

1.3 million yellow lamboat 2

1.3 million yellow lamboat

1.3 million yellow lamboat 3