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I mean..what can we really say? Birdman can rub his hands and turn anything into gold. Birdman and his crew definitely know how to live a flashy lifestyle and present it to the world in video better than any of us…much respect homie! Check out this mini motivation video for the weekend brought to you […]

Forbes Magazine recently released their Top 5 wealthiest earners in hip hop in their upcoming may 5th issue. The list of people goes as following, with P Diddy harlem shaking his way into the number one spot with an estimated worth of $700 million, Dr Dre at $550 million, Jay z at $520 million , […]

Looks like uncle Birdman bought his nephew Bieber a new Red Buggati Veyron , or at least gave him his own Red Buggatti that he owns himself that are identical to one another. Justin Bieber release a sneak peek photo of him in his new Red Buggati Veyron as he posted on the internet saying […]