June 10, 2014

Making $1 Million Dollars in sales with the “HOMIES” vending machine, then losing it all!

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I know all of you guy’s remember the classic “Homies” 2 inch Vending Machine toy’s right? ahhh.. the good old day’s, when we all walked around with a little Homie in our pocket.

This is Bradley Ellison aka Sugarman, the king of the Homies. He once was a wise guy from New York shaking “quarters” out of every kids pocket, owning the “quarter” Empire from Coast to Coast. He had Vending Machines in every Supermarket, and Pizzerias in New York. In 2004 “Sugarman” launched the Homies Vending Machine business and earning an estimated $1 Million Dollar’s in sales it’s first year. Everything was all good up until…..

To find out how wise guy “Sugarman” lost it all, check out this mini documentary brought to you by VICE.

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