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Finally… a video game a grown man can play and get away with it. Vesaro recently partnered up with LG to give you a groundbreaking product to bring to the market. To read what vesaro had to say on Youtube continue reading… “We are proud to be at the cutting edge of technology once again […]

Taking knuckle sandwiches to another level! A guy walked into a shop the other day shows off his cool new i-limb robotic hand that can lay anybody out with a quick jab! Source:Youtube Follow @BMLifestyle

Hublot recently revealed this denim inspired big bang jeans chronograph for men. The highlight of this limited edition watch is the dark blue denim on the watch face as well as the strap with the denim and the same yellow thread that you will find in a pair of jeans. To make a purchase, check […]

Virgin Galactic have successfully been testing their revolutionary SpaceShipTwo aircraft. Reaching record heights of 71,000 feet, the flight path took SpaceShipTwo soaring over the Mojave Desert in California. Seats start at $250.000 and will be officially be released later on this year…so start saving! To read more visit Follow @BMLifestyle

January 13, 2014

Check out this high-end safe crafted by Bentley and the Stockinger Bespoke Safe Company. The safe has a price starting at around $100,000, and is designed for small items like rings and watches, with a suede interior and individual compartments and weighs over 1,000 lbs. The safe has way to many details to list, so […]