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In this episode of GQ’s Most Expesivest Shitt, rapper 2 Chainz takes a trip to visit Orlando Palacios at Worth and Worth hat shop to get fitted for a custom design panama hat. He also get’s a chance to see how a $25,000 hand crafted hat get’s made up close and personal. To get a […]

The New York Mens Fashion Show and Cadillac have teamed up once again to bring you some of the most stylish, well dressed looking Cadillac ATS coupes we have ever seen. This year, Cadillac teamed up with 10 Menswear designers to design these coupes and The list goes as following, Carlos Campos, David Hart, Antonio […]

Looks like Americana MMA Apparel brand recently made a statement via twitter offering $5,000 to the first female to knock out Rhonda Rousey. Apparently Americana MMA owner Peter Giannoulis believe’s Rhonda Rousey should be suspended/ or fined for her comment’s about Cris Cyborg by calling her an “it” and said “this girl has been on […]

With just a few suitcases of clothing, this stunning “transformer type” luxurious studio apartment is all yours for only $995,000. The apartment actually includes all furniture you see in the video, including the transforming dining table and ten chairs, Italian Master Bed, Guest Bed, and sofa, including all Electronics such as the Sound System, Projector […]

Hublot recently revealed this denim inspired big bang jeans chronograph for men. The highlight of this limited edition watch is the dark blue denim on the watch face as well as the strap with the denim and the same yellow thread that you will find in a pair of jeans. To make a purchase, check […]