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Check out this video of a cool son buying his father a C250 Mercedes Benz with his own money for Father’s Day.Father is left speechless. This sure is way cooler than those other son’s out there buying their dad a Mac Book thinking they did it big. Follow @BMLifestyle

I mean..what can we really say? Birdman can rub his hands and turn anything into gold. Birdman and his crew definitely know how to live a flashy lifestyle and present it to the world in video better than any of us…much respect homie! Check out this mini motivation video for the weekend brought to you […]

I know all of you guy’s remember the classic “Homies” 2 inch Vending Machine toy’s right? ahhh.. the good old day’s, when we all walked around with a little Homie in our pocket. This is Bradley Ellison aka Sugarman, the king of the Homies. He once was a wise guy from New York shaking “quarters” […]

Weezy..Chaz..Paul…get you cash ready. NYC Artist Matt Willett designed this 99.9% pure electro plated gold piece of art that will run you about $15,000 Cash! Follow @BMLifestyle

All the money in the world means nothing if your health is terrible. This is Ben, a Multi-Millionaire Business man with wealth beyond measure and health going down hill fast. Doctors recently told Ben he will not survive another five years. So Ben decided to sell his life. Check out what he has to say… […]