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August 25, 2017

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Check out the children of the wealthy elite ride around in luxury Supercars their parents bought them. These young college kids actually meet up in secret private hangouts, and secret online groups. They spend on average $8,000 for a car wrap on Supercars worth over $300,000. Follow @BMLifestyle

Check out these insane vintage photos of Melanie Griffith living with a lion when she was a teenager. Back in the 70’s Melanie Griffith and her mother who was an animal rights activist, and stepfather lived with a 400lbs pet lion named Neil. Her stepfather Noel Marshal was a director who wanted to make a […]

Check out this latest video brought to you by GQ Magazine featuring my “idol” Frank Bourassa; the greatest counterfeiter in the world. In this clip, GQ Magazine sits down with Frank Bourassa as he tells the story of how he was able to counterfeit $250 million dollars and selling around $50 million before getting caught, […]

Check out this creative idea that GM came up with to help raise money for charity. GM recently took one of the coolest rides around, the 2014 Corvette Stingray, and had 3 talented artist, Hanei Katebi,25, Casey Swanseger,30, and Tyler Mars,28 to hand paint this White Wrapped Corvette at the Detroit Creative Corridor. The ride […]