Monthly Archives: July 2014

This is definitely not a video you want to watch if you are a weak person, or about to eat some breakfast Monday morning, trust me. In this video you see a speeding Porsche get wrecked when it hits a deer, causing the deer to explode. God only knows how much this poor Porsche is […]

July 27, 2014

Lamborghini Miami is definitely one that stands out from the rest and is your number one spot to go to when you are looking for some unique exotic rides. Recently, the Miami based dealership collaborated with World Renowned artist Duaiv to turn this exotic Lamborghini aventador ride into one heck of a piece of art! […]

Looks like Dennis Roady Deeds is up to his dirty tricks again. But this time, hes pranking the rich and not so famous. In this video clip you see Dennis tricking owners of expensive luxury rides into thinking he dented their ride by leaving a sticky note on their window, LOL. Only in Beverly Hills […]

The New York Mens Fashion Show and Cadillac have teamed up once again to bring you some of the most stylish, well dressed looking Cadillac ATS coupes we have ever seen. This year, Cadillac teamed up with 10 Menswear designers to design these coupes and The list goes as following, Carlos Campos, David Hart, Antonio […]

Check out this clip of 5 lambo’s driving around inside the mall. Follow @BMLifestyle Photo credits: Nue Vue