Monthly Archives: June 2014

Dan Bilzerian is well known as the most entertaining person on Instagram right now bringing you non stop entertainment with uploads every chance he get’s. If hes not shooting off AK’S, riding around in fancy rides, or with naked women…you can catch him at the club’s with top notch Celeb’s living it up, living the […]

Larry jodsaas is a 79 year old retired Electrical Engineer,and Entrepreneur who recently did an interview with NBC 7 as he was in tears over his $24 million dollar yacht going up in flames. Check out what he had to say… Am i angry? No. Anger is not the right word. It was my toy, […]

Welcome back it’s Monday..and today we have a video to start the week off right. This week we have Dennis Roady Deeds showing you his brand new 2014 all White Lamborghini Gallardo and decided to put it to good use. Dennis recently headed out to Santa Monica CA and decided to make some homeless people’s […]

Check out this week’s latest Weekend Ride featuring none other than Tony Royster(The Master Drummer). In this video you get a chance to hear Tony talk a little about coming back from touring with Jay-Z as his drummer. Tony also show’s us his dope Widebody Dodge Challenger dressed in all black brought to you by […]

Check out this video of a cool son buying his father a C250 Mercedes Benz with his own money for Father’s Day.Father is left speechless. This sure is way cooler than those other son’s out there buying their dad a Mac Book thinking they did it big. Follow @BMLifestyle